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How should I think about what’s next?



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evolve helps business owners strengthen their leadership, know their value, and understand what’s next through our custom-tailored program expertly delivered by professional Coaches in one-to-one and group meeting formats.


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About evolve.

evolve is a trusted community of business owners sharing experiences for growth and accountability through transition.

evolve is about business owners. Because we are business owners, and we know how hard it can be without the right support.

When we realized the value of shared experiences, and the importance of growing yourself in order to grow the business, we knew we had to provide a simple way for every business owner to have those opportunities.

So, we started evolve to provide coaching to other business owners and share our real business owner experiences in order to help them achieve business and personal success.

If you want to know more, let us know. We’d love to hear your story, and to tell you ours.


Why Evolve?

Take it to the next level.

“I highly recommend evolve to any owner,
whether they plan to transition 2 years
or 20 years from now.”

–Lawrence Walter, Co-owner, Tasty Catering

Why evolve?

The evolve program is designed to help business owners get to the next level through our integrated use of assessment tools and curriculum insights crafted around our three core tenets:

Strengthen Your Leadership.

You are at your best when you lead with your strengths. Identifying your top leadership strengths, combined with accountability coaching to develop those strengths is how great business owners get better.

Know Your Value.

The ultimate measure of business success is enterprise value. Our Value Drivers assessment measures the ability of a business to generate future revenue and profit, and provides the roadmap and tasks to achieve sustainable growth.

Understand What’s Next.

A holistic view of your future includes a holistic assessment of you. Our process guides you through an evaluation of your work, money, health, social and community well-being to help you better understand what makes life worthwhile.


We believe these are critical to seeing real growth and accountability for you and your business.


What's Involved?

Get coaching Individually or in Peer Groups

“No one else understands the issues a business owner
faces with the same clarity and immediacy
as does another business owner.”

–Kathy Houde, evolve Coach

What’s involved?

We understand the world of a business owner is a busy one, so we’ve made it flexible and easy for you to access the evolve program. You can be involved in a peer group or one-to-one coaching, many choose both.

Peer Groups

evolve Peer Groups meet for a half-day monthly in a carefully-structured, safe environment. Your professional Coach guides the group through an agenda that includes:

  • curriculum insights and practical tools
  • processing for your specific issues
  • round-table experience sharing

The benefits of this entrepreneurial sounding board provide Peer Group members with insight, inspiration, accountability, and connection in a way that no other experience can.

Individual Coaching

Private one-to-one coaching creates an excellent environment for proactive questions, conversations, and perspectives that help you see your situation in newly productive and creative ways.

Individual coaching sessions are available with your evolve Coach via Skype or in person on your schedule.


Take the Next Step

Take a seat at the table and become and evolve member.

Take the next step.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member of evolve, the next step is simple and risk free.

Send our coaches an email to set up a meeting to answer all your questions and see if evolve is right for you: moc.liamg@321gnihcaocevlove

We understand the importance of your privacy, so we promise the strictest confidentiality. Your information will not be used for any purpose other than to get in touch with you.